Certified Members

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Certified Division Order Analysts

PBADOA would like to recognize our Certified Division Order Analysts. Analysts who have sacrificed their time to study the CDOA Review Manual, passed the exam and taken additional education credits to maintain certification. Congratulations!

PBADOA CDOA Photo - Dalton Briggs Donaldson Dalton Briggs Donaldson
 pbadoa cdoa photo - dawn podrazik Dawn Podrazik
 pbadoa cdoa photo - jeff kliewer Jeff Kliewer
 pbadoa cdoa photo - jennifer gurgevich Jennifer Gurgevich
 pbadoa cdoa photo - jennifer oden Jennifer Oden
 pbadoa cdoa photo-no photo available Judy Moreland
 pbadoa cdoa photo-no photo available Karin Parker
 pbadoa cdoa photo - mindy warren Mindy Warren
 pbadoa cdoa photo-no photo available Noemi Peralta
 pbadoa cdoa photo-no photo available Sally Holt
 pbadoa cdoa photo - shelby welch Shelby Welch
 pbadoa cdoa photo - shirley smith Shirley Smith